This Video Of Bills Fans Watching The Bengals Score The Game-Winning TD Against The Ravens Is Heart Warming As Fuck

LETS. GO. BUFFALOOOOOOOOO!!! I know that reaction videos on Barstool usually involve someone getting their heart ripped out. Whether it’s some non-Patriots fan in an NFL playoff game, KFC with the Mets, or Big Cat with Wisconsin. Actually Big Cat getting his heart ripped out by Wisconsin is damn near a Barstool franchise at this point.

But I had to post this happy video for all the shit Bills fans have gone through over the years and all the happiness Bills Mafia has given us recently. Whether it’s putting each other through flaming tables, having sex at tailgates, throwing dildos onto the field, or countless other examples of tomfoolery. Those wildlings in Western New York are a bunch of crazy fucks and if you weren’t happy for them today, you are an asshole. Or a Ravens fan I guess. But still, that fan base has had to deal with misery for years and hasn’t made the playoffs since the Titans ripped their hearts out in the Music City Miracle AKA the beginning of the Curse of Doug Flutie (which to be honest, they kinda deserved because the Bills did Doug dirtyyyyy).

But today was Buffalo’s day. And all the fans had to go through was watch Andy Dalton come through with a game-winning drive on the road in a meaningless game in a season that started with the team trading away some of their best players for future assets and had to watch the Nathan Peterman Game. It’s never easy for Buffaloians Buffaloers Buffalo residents but I bet those sick sons of bitches wouldn’t have it any other way. Now the Bills are in the postseason and will be traveling to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars in a playoff game. 2018 is already weird as fuck.

Now hit the motherfucking sound bite!!!

P.S. I have to admit I was kinda bummed no Bills fans were seen putting each other through tables. Funny how making the playoffs can change a fan base*

*I’m only saying this because I know Bills fans are going to be out of their fucking minds next weekend and figured stoking the fire couldn’t hurt