Happy New Year From Me To You!

What a wild year it was. From being the chip leader at the WSOP and screaming at Dave on the phone, to meeting my best friend Bryce Harper, noogiegate, killing Adam C Best, having a blast with the RG3/Kaep blogs, getting pissed at Shea Serrano for canceling on Kevin, and everything in between, it was a doozie and a half. I’m most proud of my blogs, but it’s fun to mix it up on video here and there.

If you click on the Tweet, I made a little thread of my favorite blogs of the year that didn’t make the top 50 countdown. So many gems I had forgotten about.

Anyway, thanks for being our pals in 2017 and hopefully we continue to grow and blossom and stunt on the haters for another year.

Til then, happy New Year from me and my best friend.

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