Ravens-Bengals "Win And We're In" Live Blog

dalton suggs

Simple as that. Win and we’re going to Kansas City for Wild Card Weekend. We’ve spent weeks analyzing scenarios and matchups and it’s come down to this. Well, it really came down to win the last 3, and we’ve taken care of the first two legs of that equation. It’s easy to forget in all of the shuffle that the Ravens are playing really good football right now. They’ve won 5 out of 6, with the one loss coming by 1 point on the road to one of the best teams in football. Joe Flacco is really starting to cook at the right time, as is tradition.

Today’s matchup brings us the Cincinnati Bengals. Say it with me Jameis…

Here’s the short version. The Bengals stink. They effectively punted on their season weeks ago. The Ravens absolutely SMOKED the Bengals in their own barn in Week 1 to the tune of a 20-0 score. It was a thorough ass-kicking through and through, and set the tone for both teams for the season. That being said, a lot can change in 4 months, particularly the health of the Ravens on both sides of the ball. Since that game, they’ve lost one of the best guards and one of the best corners in football, along with a handful of other key injuries.

Usually this might be cause for concern, but I think we’ll be fine today. As much as the Bengals would love to spoil our playoff hopes today, the deck is stacked against them. They play their best ball through the air, as we well know from years of playing against AJ Green. Problem is, this isn’t the time of year where that type of football tends to be successful. We’re looking at 20 degree weather with the wind chill around 0. This is Alex Collins weather, with a dash of play-action from our friend Joe. It’ll likely be a low-scoring battle focused on field position and long possessions. That’s the type of football we’ve been playing all year and that’s the type of football we’ll be playing in Kansas City next week.

We could talk about the fact that there are other ways for the Ravens to get into the playoffs despite a loss today, but let’s not even let that become a factor. Do a job. Nobody in the AFC wants to see January Joe. Too bad for them because he’s comin…

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