#28) Woman Has Her Head Stuck Between The Subway Doors And NOBODY Stops To Help Her

Yes! Yes!!! This is My New York. We’re learning people, we’re learning! Never get involved in ANYBODY’S ELSES BUSINESS. Doesnt matter if they fell off the platform, doesnt matter if they’re involved in some sort of altercation,  doesnt matter if they got their goddam head stuck in between the subway doors. Head down, no eye contact, headphones in, mind ya business. You got your head stuck in a door? Probably shouldnt have done that. Probably should have Stood Clear Of The Closing Doors. Plus the type of person to get their goddam head stuck in a train door is also the type of person that would probably flip out as soon as you freed them and spit on you. Or they’re old and senile and they’d end up blaming you or something. Anyone who can have their head stuck in a door and just stand there like that like when Winnie The Pooh got his ass stuck in Rabbit’s window is clearly off.

Just a no win situation. Let that person figure out how to free their own head. You got a train to catch.