#37) Kid Hits A Happy Gilmore-esque Putt With A Huge Twist Ending

That one hurt my soul. This was that kid’s one shining moment. He drew diagrams for weeks how to sink this putt. He went over blueprints and studied the angles and the thermodynamics based on which way the wind was blowing out of the Northeast…and then BAM, Mutombo’d. Vicious move by his friend to ruin it. In a weird way I don’t hate it though. Gotta jump in on the viral moment when you have a chance. 15 minutes of Instagram fame doesn’t come along every day. It was a spur of the moment, “do I hop in and turn this video up to 11, or do I let my pal have his moment of glory?”. And he jumped right in there and flipped the video on it’s head. It’s a savage move, but they’ll have a few beers and laugh about it while they collect Instagram likes that they can cash in at the Instagram store for…whatever Internet likes buy you.