#34) Stephen A Smith And Teddy Atlas Had The Best Breakdown And Analysis Of The Fight


I don’t even know from that clip which side Stephen A in even on. I’m pretty sure he’s just yelling out food items that he’s interested in eating during the commercial break. FILET MIGNON, CHEESE BURGA, AND GET THE WEEEEEEEDUHHHHHHH.

Here’s a more isolated clip so we can better understand what they were yelling about:

Ahh, ok. Got it. Thanks Stephen A. Maybe he should leave the boxing to Teddy? And besides, Stephen A is quitting ESPN, buying a place in Vegas, and joining the Jabbawockeez:

Naileddddd it.

PS: I love Stephen A COMPLETELY missing Steve Levy’s sarcasm here. All in all, a great showing by SAS, it’s why they pay him the big bucks over at the ever-booming network of ESPN.