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Nobody Had A Worse Day Than This World Juniors Ice Crew Employee Who Kept Getting Pucks Shot At Him All Day

Now listen. I want to feel bad for this kid. I really, really do. And I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there right now who are thinking to thsemselves, “Oh my god, how did nobody see him out there?”. But here’s the thing. Everybody knows you shouldn’t be on the ice during warmies if you’re not a player. Because anybody who has ever played before knows exactly how the Czech team could keep firing away at the net while buddy is hunched over in there.

You step out onto the ice for warmups and it’s all muscle memory at least for those first few laps. You’re not even looking at the net when you’re shooting. You’re actually just trying to ring a few pucks off the boards/glass so the other team can hear how heavy your shot is. But hockey players are creatures of habit. And if their normal go-to routine is to hop on the ice, pick up the first puck they see, and fire one off at the cage? Well that’s what they’re going to do without hesitation. It just so happened that whoever was running the ice crew yesterday was dumb enough to send one of his guys out there while warmups were going on. Maybe making sure the net moorings are set in is something that should happen while the Zamboni door is still open.

Quick Sidenote: There’s never been a bigger feud in the history of the world than the one between hockey players and Zamboni drivers who wait too long to close the door so everybody can get on the ice. Ya got a bunch of 12-year-old kids just standing on the bench ready to head out to practice and that asshole Steve The Zamboni Driver is trying to make them wait an extra 5 minutes for the ice to dry. Then you get those 12-year-olds hurling down all the best curse words they know at Steve because, let’s be real, he’s a jackass and probably deserves it anyway since he cuts the ice like a drunk bastard. But I digress.

And then finally, on his way off the ice, he takes one to the shoulder.

Buddy clearly does NOT make enough money to think putting up with this bullshit is worth it and he’s clearly pissed off. But like I said, the blame here doesn’t fall on the players. The blame goes to whoever is in charge of the ice crew and thought it would be a good idea to send this guy out there in the middle of warmups. That’s just begging for a disaster.

P.S. – A few highlights of this game. First off, I am very much aroused by this bar south snipe from Elias Pettersson (VAN).

A lefty sniped them short side from the top of the left circle on one powerplay. Later in the game, it was a righty going far side and his name is Alexander Nylander (BUF).

Really nice little shoulder hitch move that causes the defender to bite and freezes up the goalie. Comes out of that hitch and buries one top bunk. Fuckin’ beauty. But if we’re talking about beauties, we gotta talk Rasmus Dahlin (2018).

When Erik Karlsson grows up, he wants to be an extra silky puck moving Swedish defenseman like Rasmus Dahlin. Just remember, folks. This kid is only 17.

And then finally, our “Cup Czech” of the Week….

Nothing like getting your balls whacked up to your throat by a P92. Sweden would go on to win 3-1.