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OddsShark Presents Glenny & The Bets


I hope everyone got great presents from Santa! And by presents I mean bets that won.

So was that or was that not a fun Christmas Eve? Not only did Santa Claus come to town, but the NFL was also thriving on all cylinders. I mean what a player that Jimmy G is! The Real Deal! Not betting the alternate over on that San Fran/Jacksonville game will haunt me until the day I die. This week’s NFL action might as well be preseason so we’re gonna move to greener pastures.

It’s pretty much the last week of College Football so we’re gonna enjoy the fuck out of it anyways. Our annual 8 months without College Football is upon us. We’re gonna make this week last before that deep, dark hibernation. Nevertheless Bowl Season’s cream of the crop is right on deck. It’s gonna be a fun weekend + Monday with the best BCS teams from all walks of life going at it. Let’s ride.

  • Cotton Bowl Over 64.5
    • I am prefacing this by stating how amazing this 8:30 start time on a Friday night is. Probably the best game to go out for all season. Don’t let life pass you by on that forefront. Now to the football- While I do think this total is a tad high, Ohio State has very lowkey been an Over juggernaut this season-especially away from Columbus. 5-1 folks! 5-1! I love ‘em to score at will tonight while engineering a rout and a half of the Trojans. I may even expand my horizons and check out the Buckeyes Team Total. Lock it all up!
  • Liberty Bowl Over 65.5
    • It’s time for Memphis’ Bowl Game…at their home stadium no less! This game is either gonna be a shootout that favors Memphis or a defensive struggle that favors the Cyclones and if Navy was any indication on Thursday, the Tigers have the upper hand playing in their element. It’s time for Anthony Miller and the Tigers to prove themselves on a bea-u-tiful 12:30pm time slot. Even if they don’t, we’re (maybe) gonna have some fun. 66 points & more on the way! #AACForever.
  • Rose Bowl Over 60
    • Let’s face it. You know it. I know it…2017 is the year of Baker Mayfield. Top 3 in Passer Efficiency, Completion Percentage, Yards, and Touchdowns all while throwing a measly 5 interceptions. That surely translated to a Heisman Trophy! Now he has his biggest test in Georgia on Monday Night with a ticket to the national championship on the line. I’ll be honest, the Bulldogs are intimidating as all hell. No one has put up a 30 burger on ‘em this season, but I’m confident OU will be the first on the back of Baker while the Dawgs get a couple points of their own. This is going to be an AWE-INSPIRING game despite the outcome. You better be in front of a television at 5pm on New Year’s Day.

Well that’s all for me this week, folks! As always you can find me on Twitter @glenny_balls for questions, comments, and concerns. It’s always a good omen to win bets when a New Year starts, so let’s do that winning! Happy New Year Everyone!