#22) This Is Without A Doubt The Best Video I've Seen On The Internet

Until I see another video that makes me exaggerate a headline for attention, this is undoubtedly the best video on the internet. No questions asked. It perfectly encapsulates America, and really the world in general. It’s a perfect representation of the world: black people are cool, white people want to be but we’re just not at all.

And I’ll tell you what, I kinda find this video vindicating. It shows that the lack of swagger the whites have is through no fault of our own. As it turns out, we’re not all created equal. White people are dorks the second they come out of the womb, while black people have that “it” factor in their DNA. It’s nothing we did, we never lost “it,” god just never gave it to us. We’re born losers and we’ll die losers and we’ll act like losers whenever a video is present.