#15) I Could Watch This Weather Man Get Schooled On Hurricane Irma All Day Long

Alright, yes. Today is the first NFL Sunday. Wall-to-wall games. Everybody settling in for a full day of pigskin. It’s a national holiday in the United States. But I still might just sit here and watch the clip of that weather man get schooled over and over and over and over again. Mr. Weather Man DID NOT realize he was about to get ravaged by Hurricane Knowledge courtesy of that Harrison Ford-lookalike. He was fully expecting to get a “Holy shit this hurricane is gonna be terrible!” but instead he got facts dropped straight on top of his stupid head. Weathermen are the worst. We all talk shit about them and how they are usually dead wrong. So it was nice to finally see one get put in their place. My favorite part was the weather man trying to jump in with his opinion and still got Dikembe Mutombo’d into the cheap seats. Just a beautiful sight to behold.

PS- I think that guy was wrong though? I’m pretty sure it got a lot worse.