#29) This Coachella Kid Is Gonna Be So Rich, So Soon

Saturday, by himself ripping to Migos:

Sunday, OBJ already rocking with him:

I’m what the kids call a hater. Me? I like to call myself a contrarian. But, the facts of the matter are that if it’s popular I probably dislike it. Well guess what, that doesn’t ring true here. I love this viral kid and no, not in a weird way. Love the shit out of him but I’d like to stress, not in a weird way.

There’s just something so good and pure about a white, blonde, surfer boy singing his ass off to Migos and Drake. Sure, some may call his rise of popularity due to rap music cultural appropriation, but you know what I call it? I call it I don’t really know what cultural appropriation is so I can’t classify it as that.

Some see color but I’m color blind so I just see an adorable kid rocking out to music sung by lord knows who. He’ll end up on Ellen and he’ll be rich by week’s end, and that’s typically a person I dislike, but I can’t help myself here. There’s nothing like a child’s laughter and there’s nothing like a kid on his dad’s shoulders dabbing his ass off while singing “reach back like 1-3, like 1-3″ and not even knowing that he’s singing lyrics about the NFL wide receiver in front of him.

That’s pure and I’m a sucker for purity.