Pacers' Damien Wilkins Finds Out He's Having a Baby Boy Mid-Game in the Worst Gender Reveal of All Time

Gender reveals have become the big hoot in the past year, but when sports are involved it’s usually a ball getting tossed to a soon-to-be-father as either blue or pink powder explode in the air. Have they gotten old and lame? Yeah for sure, but they get a little more creative here and there.

Well, Damien Wilkins’ wife/girlfriend (we’re not sure) decided that finding this out in the privacy of their own was a horrible idea. Nope, let’s do it in the middle of the Pacers-Mavericks game. A game you will not be seeing any action in considering you play on average six minutes per contest, all of which likely coming in garbage time. Yep, let’s do that. Swell idea.

Well, it’s pretty clear Wilkins  has zero idea what’s going on.

Doesn’t think anything of this, thinks that’s some random lady and it’s just so perfect.

He may not even know this woman if we’re being honest. He’s a 37 year old vet in his 10th year in the league, he’s probably dealt with his fair share of women in the sack along the way. Maybe she was trying to get back at him for a wild night on the road last year? It’s quite possible.


Shout out to this stoolie in the background rocking the Barstool Quilted Hoodie

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