Steelers Fans React to James Harrison Signing with the Patriots by Burning His Jersey


Remember when those fraud Massholes said they were burning Patriots jerseys because some of the players protested against Trump but all they really threw into the fire was a bunch of old, worthless unlicensed knockoff merch and 10-year-old AFC East Champions gear? This is nothing like that.

These Steelers fans are setting fire to authentic James Harrison jerseys. $99.99 on NFL Shop before he got cut. They’re not just cleaning out the sock drawer like those New England fakers were. Their anger is real.

And can you blame them? This is the only logical response of a rational mind. Who the hell does Harrison think he is, being so disloyal to the team that cut him while they were still the 1-seed in the conference? A free agent? Someone who’d just lost his job? A 39-year-old in probably his last season? An unemployed American, free to sign with whatever team wanted him? Imagine the balls on the guy, going to the team that gives him the best shot to win another ring and go out on top. I can totally relate to the anger of Steelers fans everywhere.

Shame, on you, James Harrison. Shame.