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DeAndre Hopkins Had Perhaps The Catch Of The Year Against The Steelers Tonight

Do you know how hard it is to catch a pass in the NFL during the 2017 season? Especially in the end zone. I feel like you have just as good a chance of turning over the ball by touchback as you do scoring a touchdown when the ball is in your hands on the other side of the goal line. But DeAndre Hopkins snagged that pass doing some self alley-oop play that all Texans receivers probably have to practice before every game not started by DeShaun Watson.

Also, Ts and Ps to anybody that lost their fantasy championship because of that play. You had the flag and the instantly replay both potentially bailing you out during a blowout of a game. But Nuk caught the ball, got both feet down, and somehow didn’t allow the ball to move an amoeba’s pubic hair for the catch to be overturned. On Christmas Day no less! For all the accolades Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham, and all the other receivers deservedly get, you have to tip your cap to DeAndre for being able to put up numbers with any trash quarterback* the Texans pull from the dregs of their depth chart.

*Not named Brock Osweiler