The Top Blogs of 2017 Countdown Kicks Off...Right Now.


Back by popular demand – it’s the Top Blogs of the Year countdown, brought to you by the bloggers of Barstool Sports, curated by yours truly.   It’s a pain in the ass to put together and absolutely impossible to make everyone happy, but it’s worth it to revisit some of the gems that went up on the site this year.  And there were a ton.

I know, we’ve put a huge focus on videos and podcasts.  We’ve got guys who just don’t have the time to write anymore because they’re blowing up on other outlets.  Dave, Dan and Kevin have 1 million things to film and record every day and have been pulled away from good old fashioned blogging.  I agree, I miss their blogs too.  But it would be crazy to pretend we haven’t had some bonafide stars step in and fill the void.  Chaps.  Francis.  Donnie.  PFT Commenter.  You can’t read anything even remotely like what they produce anywhere else on the internet.  Add that to the core gang of bloggers we have grinding out here and I think we’re keeping the blog strong as hell.

Now the countdown:

We average 78.5 blogs a day so do the math on that to extrapolate for the year and – that’s a shit load of blogs.  I did a TON of research and work on this.  I had every blogger submit their favorite blogs of the year, both from them and from other writers.   I asked Twitter for  weeks, put up a thread on Reddit, asked random people on the street.  I read through every single thing, and anything that got multiple votes I made sure to include.  But we can’t remember everything so if one of your favorites slipped through the cracks, that’s on you for not bashing me over the head with it.

Finally whittled it down to 50 and feel pretty good about the rankings.  #50 will go up today at 9 AM and they’ll be spaced out until the top blog of the year posts at 5 PM on New Year’s Eve Day.