Merry Christmas: An Improvised Holiday Musical Podcast From Young And Happy

With the help of Francis and Devlin, Caleb and I cooked up another improvised musical. And I can’t believe I have to say this because it is all stupid as fuck, but this is completely improvised. We just locked the door and this magic came out. Francis and Devlin (along with Caleb and Producer Ben) are some of the most talented guys at Barstool and it’s a pleasure to watch them flex.

Some gems from behind the scenes.

We had a ton of fun making this, so we truly hope you have even a small sliver of fun listening.

And if you felt wanting for Christmas content, fret not, for we also created a beautiful Christmas tune in our little band called Pup Punk.

And we’re only a year removed from this gem. What can I say, I love Christmas specific content.