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Ravens Escape With A 23-16 Win Over The Colts

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Never. In. Doubt. We’ve seen the Ravens play countless games like that one, and more often than not they come out on top. It was as ugly a win as I expected it to be. This football team just wasn’t built to win in impressive fashion on a regular basis. They look their best when they feast on takeaways, and they dropped the 3 or 4 potential interceptions that Brissett threw their way. On another day and in different conditions, the Ravens may win this game by 3 touchdowns. It was that kind of night.

If there any positive takeaways besides just getting a key win, it’s that the offense continues to execute at a high level. Sure there are still some frustrating drops and questionable play calls (A-11 formation screen to Nick Boyle on 3rd and 1 stands out), but I think they’re doing the best they can with the assets at hand. There just continues to be a dearth of talent in the receiving corps, and that’s WITH Jeremy Maclin playing. Mike Wallace has really elevated his play and complementary pieces like Mike Campanaro and Maxx Williams have been doing their part. Controlling possession and sustaining long scoring drives is exactly the type of offense this team needs, especially when you get the inclement weather that comes with December and January football.

I know a lot of people will walk away from that game continuing to say the Ravens stink, but that’s fine with me. We’re 9-6 and in the drivers’ seat to go 10-6 and go to Kansas City for Wild Card Weekend. I like our chances there and I know Pittsburgh or New England would much rather see somebody other than January Joe the week after that. But we’ve got to take care of business first. Cincinnati comes to town next week to try and play spoiler. We smoked em in Week 1 and there’s no reason why we can’t smoke em again. Time to get to work and get back to the postseason.