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All The Booby Trap Scenes From Home Alone 1 And 2 Take Us Into Christmas Weekend

*I couldn’t find a decent video that had all the booby trap scenes from 1 and 2 together other than this one which also had 3. Once the scenes from Home Alone 3 come on, throw your phone/computer/tablet out the nearest window*

I figured there was no better way to kick off the Christmas break than watching a kid become Jigsaw and torture a couple of crooks. And if we are in the trust tree, I still can’t watch the ornaments scene or watch/listen to the nail trap. I get goosebumps just typing it out. And the brick scene is slapstick comedy at its absolute zenith. Kevin McCallister, you are truly one sick fuck but also one hell of an entertainer.

Merry Christmas everybody!