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And Here We Have A Philly Santa Having A Heart To Heart With A Snowball Because Why Not Keep Talking About It 50+ Years Later?

Dammit, Eagles. There’s no need to perpetuate the story unprovoked. Even though Bradly Cooper as a snowball still sounds delicious. The vomiting scumbag and batteries being launched at JD Drew are inexcusable, but this is the most overrated, beaten down thing people can bring up about Philadelphia fans. Don’t tell me it wouldn’t have happened in Boston, New York or any other die-hard city, too. A similar situation in the Bay Area would have resulted in knives coming down on St. Nick instead of snowballs. If your team is shit the fans are going to take it out on anything and everything the organization tries to dish out. It doesn’t matter if there was an actual, living, breathing human underneath that costume. Christ himself could have risen from the 50 yard line and he would have gotten a ice ball in the face.

Here’s a solid video on what actually happened, for better or worse. Probably worse. RIP stereotypically Philly Frank.