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The Star Wars Holiday Special Is The Worst Piece Of Cinema Ever Created...Let Me Show You Why

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 1.36.42 PM

Ohhhh folks. Go make yourself a nice cup of peppermint coffee, or hot chocolate, grab some cookies, snuggle up under the covers, and settle in for the post I’ve been waiting nearly 365 days to make.

Every year on December 24th, after all of the Christmas Eve festivities with family are over and done with, I go home and watch the Star Wars Holiday Special. It’s my own personal tradition. It was made in 1978 after the release of the first film in the franchise, featuring pretty much the entire cast of A New Hope (and even the debut of Boba Fett!), and it’s the worst thing to ever air on television. It is about Chewbacca’s family – Mala, Itchy, and Lumpy – waiting for him to arrive so they could celebrate Life Day. There’s VR porn, cooking shows, Jefferson Starship performances, murder, Bea Arthur, and much, much more.

Earlier today, I tweeted my longest thread ever, consisting of over TWENTY VIDEOS from the Holiday Special, breaking down a lot of the highlights. Here they are…

If you’d like to watch the FULL Holiday Special, I’ve included it down below. Tweet me your favorite parts later if you do, and happy Life Day to all!