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PK Subban Helping Children And Families In Need Continues To Be The Best Christmas Tradition

There are plenty of professional athletes who have made a ton of money playing sports and have turned around to give some of that money back to people who are in need. Which is really awesome of all those guys. But I truly don’t believe that anybody actually enjoys giving back as much as PK Subban does. For as fired up as he gets for scoring goals in the National Hockey League


He gets equally, if not more, fired up to help others who could really use a surprise this time of year. We’ve seen him do incredible things for the kids at the Montreal Children’s Hospital before. We saw him take a group of kids with sickle cell disease on a sleigh ride and Predators shopping spree in his first year in Nashville.


And then this year, with some help from Roman Josi, he was able to give a single mom and her 2 kids the new living room that they dreamed about.


Absolutely awesome. PK Subban is a hockey player to most people. But now to this family, he’s almost like a miracle. He was able to do something special for them that they’ll never forget and if we’re getting all sentimental and shit, that’s what the holiday spirit is all about. Doing something for others that will probably end up meaning more to them than you’ll ever know. And then, of course, he also made sure to take care of his day 1’s at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

So shoutout to PK Subban. You can tell how much being able to do this for people means to him and that he’d get just as much enjoyment out of helping others even if the cameras aren’t rolling. But he’s also PK Subban so naturally he loves the cameras.

And not to be completely overshadowed, but stick taps go out to Evander Kane as well who treated 50 underprivileged kids in the Buffalo area to a holiday dinner.