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I Am Obsessed With One Of The Koch Brother's Sons Who Has Been Dragged Into This Tax Bill Narrative

(Vanity Fair) When Wyatt Ingraham Koch was younger, his father, Bill Koch, gave him a piece of advice. “You can do whatever you want to in life, but just make sure you do it well and you do it with passion,” the billionaire said to his nascent billionaire son, and thus a dress-shirt empire was born. Now, mere hours after House Republicans passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—Paul Ryan’s tax “reform” bill, which overwhelmingly benefits corporations and the mega-wealthy—a video advertising Wyatt’s budding business has begun to make its way around the Internet. “Congratulations to this Koch heir, who is going to become like $75 billion richer in the next few days,” writer David Roth tweeted, along with a link to the video in question. “He’s going to use it to make very innovative ugly shirts.” What sort of ugly shirts, you ask? Much like the offspring of another mogul, the 31-year-old Koch heir runs an eponymous Palm Beach-based clothing brand called Wyatt Ingraham, which sells button-up shirts in patterns you may find on a Goldman Sachs middle manager at a Southampton Fourth of July party when he wants to “let loose.”

That headline sucks but whatever, I don’t know how else to explain this. Wyatt Koch was just a fat, closeted gay ginger designing his clothes and now he’s the face of this whole tax bill as far as Twitter as concerned. Dude is gonna get seventy five BILLION dollars in the next few days (I have no idea how that works but someone with a verified account said it so it’s true) and I could not be happier for him.

I know he was probably brought into the light in order to make people mad but guess what? All time backfire. This dude is the shit and I want him to have all the money in the world. I mean how can you watch this video and not wish the best for this guy? It’s laugh out loud funny every step of the way. His doodles?

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 2.48.12 PM

One million out of ten. They’re like Dee’s drawings of her dresses, they’re hysterically terrible, but I don’t fucking care. Make this rich dude rich and buy his hysterically terrible shirts. Cam from Modern Family needs his money, give it to him.