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I LOVE The Eagles Whipping Out The Dark Uniforms And Making It A Black Christmas

White Christmas my dick. If God didn’t want the Eagles to turn to the dark side on his kid’s birthday then maybe he shouldn’t have taken the ACL away from his his true prodigal son. Fuck it. Christmas has already been cancelled in the Smith household solely because of this game, might as well go all out. Plus there’s already going to be more than enough cheesy, 50+ year old redundant remarks about throwing snowballs at Santa. Maybe step it up a notch and substitute St. Nick for Krampus while having him eat the children of non-believers at the 50-yard line. Make it a true Philly vs. Everybody deal for now, and forever. Not to mention the Eagles success with the black uni’s as of late. The last time they donned the dark they absolutely gassed the Broncos back in November while blasting 51 points on the board:

The Linc legitimately ran out of celebration fireworks last time the Eagles wore black. This time there will be blood running down Broad St. after the Eagles cling home field advantage through the playoffs. Let’s. Go.