Maryland's New Kicker Has The Rare Ability To Blast 50+ Yard Field Goals With Either Foot

MD24/7 - Joseph Petrino has a chance to take over Maryland’s muddle placekicking situation next year, but that’s not what had his name buzzing on the Internet on Signing Day.

It was a video of Petrino, a senior at Richmond Hill (Ga.) High, showing off his leg power — actually, ‘legs’ power would be more accurate. Turns out Petrino, who signed with Maryland today, can kick with both legs. Hard.

It’s probably safe to say most NFL kickers can’t do what Petrino did in the video: kick a 60-yard field goal with his right foot, and a 50-yarder with his left. His accuracy might need refinement after he went 8-for-15 as a senior, but the kicking-weak Terps at least have another powerful leg to work with. 


Ok so here’s the big questions- is there any true value to a switch-kicker? Does the ability to kick bomb field goals with either leg have any sort of real life, football value? And the answer to that is….absolutely yes! Of course being able to kick with either leg is valuable for a kicker. Think about this- one day you’re walking by with your walkman on and you catch a guy giving you an awkward eye and you strangle him up in the parking lot. Next thing you know you’re trying to park a Dodge in a two-car garage right next to a humongous truck when you’re drunk as fuck, hoping out with two broken legs trying to walk it off.

So the point is, do you know how hard it is for two broken legs to heal? Some people are never the same afterwards. But thankfully for Joseph Petrino if he has complications with one leg and it doesn’t regain it’s full strength, he still has an entire other leg that he can kick 50+ yard field goals with. Safe to say Maryland got a steal in recruiting in case he ever falls into a warp hole and finds himself in a Dr. Dre and Eminem song.