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The Rumors Of Mitch Marner's Slump Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Mitch Marner only has 4 goals on the season so far. Before Tuesday, he only had 2 goals and was riding on a 15-game scoreless streak. Obviously that’s a bit of a drop off from the 61 points that he had his rookie season last year but the Sophomore Slump spares nobody. But yeah, safe to say that this wasn’t exactly the start of the year that Mitch Marner had in mind. And then the NHL 100th Anniversary game happened on Tuesday afternoon and you can listen to me talk about the clinic that Marner put on from yesterday’s Quick Shifts.

A goal and 3 assists against the Hurricanes one day. And then just over 24 hours later, he had this coast-to-coast work of art against Columbus.

And now with the hottest track of 2010 added:

That right there is vintage London Knights Mitch Marner. The Mitch Marner who made you shit your pants every time the puck was on his stick during the 2016 World Juniors even though Canada sucked that year. Marner didn’t score over 240 points in 2 OHL seasons by accident. The kid knows how to do one thing and one thing only–that’s fuck up opposing defenses and goalies. All I’m saying is the rest of the NHL should probably direct all of their anger toward the Carolina Hurricanes right now for allowing Marner to break out of his slump and open up the flood gates.

P.S. – Throwback to that time when Portnoy thought that Mitch Marner was just one of Auston Matthews’ buddies.