Jack Nicklaus Is Officially TERRIFIED Of Tiger "Fusion" Woods


Folks Jack Nicklaus is officially a terrified person. Petrified. Scared. Quivering. The GOAT golf careerist is once again TERRIFIED of the true GOAT, a one Eldrick Tiger Woods.*

First it was this quote:

“I’m not interested at all. Do I wish [Tiger] well? Yeah, but I’m not interested in watching him. I’ve watched him play golf for 20-something years, why would I want to go watch more? I don’t watch anybody play golf.”

HA! Not interested? What? You mean not excited aka terrified. I wouldn’t be “interested in watching him” either if I set all these records no one thought could possibly be broken then this absolute savage from the very next generation who literally can’t sleep because he’s up all night fucking everything that walks and doing it with the biggest dick this side of pornography came back from 47 surgeries to crush my records.

And he dropped this:

“Would you rather have a 19th major championship or see Nick catch the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl?” Pazder asked him.

Nicklaus brought the house down with his reply.

“Uh, right now I’d rather have a 19th major,” he said. “Tiger is back playing again.”

Legit would rather have 1 more major to get to 19 over his grandson catching the Super Bowl-winning TD because Big Dick Eldrick is back on the prowl.

No joke I don’t think there’s a single person on earth hoping they die in the next 5 years more than Jack. Hoping, praying, begging he goes while that 18 mark still stands. While that’s still the pinnacle of golf.

Fucking LOVE how different this Tiger comeback is. Post-scandal Tiger Woods was nothing to be overly concerned about, but Tiger “Fusion” Woods? That motherfucker’s a savage. That motherfucker’s a machine. That motherfucker’s the legend we’ve been waiting for for damn near a decade now.

Let’s. Fucking. Go.


*Make no mistake about it, Jack Nicklaus has had the greatest golf career of all time (for now). But Tiger Woods played the greatest golf of all time, regardless of what happens, and it’s not even fucking close.