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OddsShark Presents Glenny & The Bets


How friggen fun was watching Rough N Rowdy last week? It turned out to be Henry “Handsome Hank” Lockwood’s night! It was never a doubt with the balance that Tex put on display. Pretty sure you couldn’t count how many times he hit the canvas on one hand- looked like he was learning how to walk for the first time. It was a nice W for Hank.

Anyways now that Rough N Rowdy is over it’s time for a big weekend of Bowl Games and, more importantly, Christmas Eve NFL Action. There’s Christmas music bumping, food being made, beer being drunk, family time being enjoyed, anticipation for Santa being had, then you turn to the living room and what do you see? Football. It truly is a blessing. As if Christmas Eve wasn’t amazing already? We’ve now been lucky enough to have this divine experience 2 years in a row thanks to Christmas Eve falling on a Saturday & Sunday in 2016 & 2017. December 24th doesn’t fall on a Saturday or Sunday again until 2022. Savor it while you can.

Now it’s time to get some winners. I sure could use ‘em after these first few bowl games. I thought the Lane Train was gonna have my back on Tuesday night yet that shit finished 50-3 and don’t get me started on the Frisco Bowl. I had about 10 fellas at the Barstool Christmas Party ride the that over with me and I looked like Albert Einstein at halftime. 52 points! I was running around the party giving high fives to anyone in sight! All we needed was 3 tuddy’s in the 2nd half to be gucci, instead the gambling Gods gifted us with 3 field goals. Hopefully luck’s gonna change over the weekend.

  • Birmingham Bowl Over 66
    • This was the only game I was truly excited for in terms of the total when I first crossed paths with this year’s Bowl Slate. Kliff Kingsbury commanding one sideline. Quinton Flowers playing on the other. Is there be anything better than a BIG12/AAC game? When I first saw this matchup on the horizon I thought the total would be in the 79-83 realm but we’re only working with 66. I like those odds. CAN’T WAIT.
  • Indy at Baltimore Over 41
    • I have a lot of confidence in this Ravens team not only to make the playoffs, but to also go pretty far once they’re there. In order to do that they need to take care of business at home against teams like the Colts who let up nearly a league-worst 26 points per game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Flacco and Co. got this over by their lonesome. I may even hop on that team total.
  • Jacksonville at San Francisco Over 42
    • I really, really love this over. It seems like a perfect storm as Blake Bortles is playing the best football of his career and Jimmy G has the Niners firing on all cylinders with 3 dubs in a row. Obviously Jacksonville has morphed into the ever-scary “Sacksonville” this season, but I’m confident Jimmy can score 2-3 touchdowns on them since the game is in Santa Clara. I still love the Jags to win though with something like a 28-17 final and the over flourishing.
  • Dollar General Bowl Over 61.5
  • Belk Bowl Over 64.5
  • Detroit at Cincy Over 44
  • Buffalo at New England Over 47
  • Seattle at Dallas Over 47.5

Well that’s all for me this week, folks! As always you can follow me on Twitter @glenny_balls for questions, comments, and concerns. Go win some cash so you can buy your family & friends cool shit that they’ll probably never get around to using. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!