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Zach Britton Out For 6 Months After Rupturing Achilles

Kill me, just kill me now. Kenny Rosenthal is reporting that Zach Britton ruptured his achilies after working out in California yesterday. Just terrible news for the Orioles as this offseason from hell continues.

Baltimore had a trade set to send Britton to the Astros last year at the deadline that fell apart. They were trying to trade him this offseason, but now they are stuck with him. In turn, they now can’t trade Brad Brach, because he’ll be the closer for a majority of the season.

Just unreal bad luck for the Birds and Britton. He wasn’t his normal self last year, but I thought he’d be able to rebound and put up the Britton numbers we were used to seeing. Now they may not trade Manny, can’t trade Brach, and their closer is hurt.

Folks, this is shaping up to be a GREAT year for the Birds!