A High School In Massachusetts Is Getting Rid Of The Word "Freshman" To Be More Gender Inclusive

(Fox 25 Boston) — Ninth-graders are typically called freshmen, but one Massachusetts school wants to ditch the term in attempt to be more gender inclusive. Easthampton High School is asking students and officials to replace the word with “first year students,” a move recommended by the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Group at the school. After the organization looked through the handbook, it identified titles that were more gender neutral, landing on “first year students.” The booklet now reads, “For the purpose of class meetings and activities, including the class dues, students will be considered first years, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.”

This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen in my life. Like, what the fuck is this? Hey Easthampton High School, you can’t just change the word freshman. This isn’t Vietnam. There are rules here. Literally not one single person in your school is going to abide by this, anyway. Massachusetts invented America, and there are principles here that were put in place by our Forefathers. I know for a fact that John Adams would never let something like this happen.

If it’s your first year in high school or college, you are a freshman. That’s just how the world works. It has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with the social class pyramid. If you’re a freshman, you start out at the bottom, male or female, and you’ve gotta work your way up to being a big, bad senior over a four-year period. And even then, you might not get the respect you seek. It’s what you do in those four years that dictates that. Certainly not for the weak of heart.

This idea that the word “freshman” somehow has a masculine connotation just because it ends with the word “man” is flat out preposterous. Newsflash, Easthampton High School — WOMAN ends with the word “man”, too.


*picks the mic back up*

No, but really. The word “freshman” has absolutely nothing to do with gender.

My first week of high school, I got locked inside of my own locker for two and a half hours, missed lunch, and got in-house suspension for “skipping class” because I wasn’t about to rat out any seniors. That happened because I was a freshman, not because I was a “first year student”. It was a badge of honor. A way to pay my dues, and a way to earn respect amongst the upperclassmen. A life lesson, if you will. That’s how the real world works, you know. It’s hard out here in these streets, but success comes to those who are willing to crawl through the fields of mud and barbed wire. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Thank you.