The Newest Trend In Baby Making Has Arrived: Pee Parties


ABC News- Conception has gone social. “Well it looks like several of us are in our tww [two-week wait] and I thought it might be cool if we did a pee party!” one woman wrote on a message board titled, “Soooo . . . you wanna have a pee party?” Pee parties — also known as POAS, or Pee on a Stick Parties — are the latest way women are taking what was once a very private moment very public. Like the mom who live-tweeted the birth of her child, or the couples who find out the gender of their baby alongside all their family and friends, what used to be a closely guarded secret until after the first trimester is now being shared online within minutes of seeing one line or two. And it’s not just a few women who feel the urge to pee on a stick for at-home fertility testing at the same moment, or at least on the same day, as their online friends. The Soooo … you want to have a pee party thread is just one of many, most broken out by month. Each thread has dozens of responses from other women who wish to have a pee party.

Well mark today down in your calendars.  Friday April 18th, 2014.  A historic day.  A day that will forever live in infamy.  A day people will look back on thousands of years from now, check the On This Day In History section in their space newspaper (ya know, because the future) and say, “Yep, that’s the day it happened.  That’s the day everything fell apart.”  What’s the “it’ we’re referring to?  I’m glad you asked.  Today is the day social media officially found it’s limit.  The day we took it too far.  We’ve gotten to the point where women are deciding to contact each other, tell one another when they’re going to pee on stick to check if they’re pregnant and then thinking it’s a good idea that they should all do it at the same time and report back with their findings.  They’re starting threads and blogs.  They’re tweeting at each other.  This is actually happening.  Maybe I’m overreacting  but I don’t think I am.  It just feels like some sort of line has been crossed here.  Looking back, we all share part of the blame.  All of the tweeting and sharing and blogging and dick pics.  Everybody feels the need to share every aspect of their lives now.  And at some point during that process a woman  looked at another woman and said “Wouldn’t it be cool to find out if we’re pregnant at the same time?” and they broke the whole fucking system.  It started with shitty Facebook statuses about how much you hate your boss or how you just got done at the gym.  That led to tweets about more nothingness.  And then boom.  Pee parties.  We’ve been heading down this hellacious and disturbing road for awhile now.  It was only a matter of time.  I was just hoping I’d be dead when it happened.  I don’t know where we go from here.  I really don’t.