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Game 1 Hawks vs Blues, Welcome Back Tommy Live Blog

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Here we go, feels like the Blackhawks just won the cup yesterday, which is something everyone in the league has conveniently forgotten. Whether it be Kane and Toews injuries, some bad OT bounces throughout the year or a couple of slumps, everything I’ve read and heard on a national level has the Blackhawks as too dinged up to repeat. Bullshit. Anyone who has watched this team throughout the season knows that they have that extra level, the 5th gear that they hit when the stakes are raised, when the lights are bright, and that’s where they’ll be tonight. That’s where they’ll be for the rest of the playoffs. Under the radar, no home ice, perfect. When it’s all said and done the Blackhawks have the most talent in the NHL. They’ve been there, and they’ll be there again. Now Tommy, do me a favor and cue the sweetest key change known to man. Let’s go.