The Absolute Worst Proposal of All Time: A Male, Miami Heat Fan Was Proposed to By His Girlfriend, on the Jumbotron, at Last Night's Wizards Game

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Fox – Valentine’s Day is a month away, but a Silver Spring woman has given her boyfriend of six years a gift that will last a lifetime. She arranged to have her marriage proposal to him flashed on the Jumbotron during halftime at the Wizards game. What made it perfect is that they were playing his favorite team, the Miami Heat. “I thought this would make me the best wife-to be ever to do it in front of his favorite team,” Angel Brame says. After doing a double take to make sure the name on the big board was his — Donald Johnson said yes! “I would have asked her eventually, but she beat me to it,” Johnson says.

This is legitimately the worst proposal of all time. First, you’re a bandwagon Heat fan at a Wizards game. So off the cuff you’re already the worst. And absolutely nothing screams romance quite like Trevor Ariza. Second, it goes without saying, but he has to now kill himself because his bitch proposed to him. Inexcusable. How does that ever happen? Does he not have anything down below the belt, just a fleshy patch where his balls used to be? So fucking emasculating. Third, on the jumbotron. Goodness gracious. Tacky as can be. I’m surprised she wasn’t wearing the mascot head at the same time. I am in awe of the perfect storm of awfulness of this proposal. It’s going to go down in history. Kids will read about it in textbooks. Ben Affleck will grow a beard and make a movie about it. It will never, ever be topped.

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PS: 100% chance he takes her last name.