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Hockey Ref Wes McCauley Made an Oscar-Worthy Dramatic Goal Call Last Night and Became My Favorite Sports Ref

I was on pins and needles for that goal call. Wes McCauley having the MSG crowd eating out of the palm of his hand, waiting for that call as saliva dripped out of their mouths. And BOOM, the puck completes crossed the line IT’S A GOAL!!! PANDEMONIUM!! Now that’s how you run the show Wes. I will have to put my hand up here, I’m not the biggest hockey guy by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t really get into it until January or so, but I caught the Ranger game last night and became enthralled with this man’s presence on the ice. Some guys were just born with it. Now, my lack of hockey knowledge of course prevented me from knowing Wes McCauley is in fact an artist at the dramatics. I found myself in a Wes McCauley rabbithole on Youtube which I pretty sure has never been said or typed out in a sentence before.

I’ve seen this fighting call, it’s famous, I don’t live that much under a rock

Imagine when Gene Steratore was making that call on SNF after using the index card for the measurement if he used this much dramatic pause? It’d be incredible. We need more refs like Wes McCauley in sports plain and simple.