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The Islanders Are Coming Back Home To Long Island

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Possibly the biggest Isles news since JT was drafted – Barring some insane turn of events between now and the official announcement tomorrow morning, the Islanders have won the land next to Belmont Racetrack and will be building an 18,000 seat, long-term, home by 2020.

If you ask me the signs were all there. Opposing prospects for the land dropped out early due to the application process seemingly being rigged in the Isles favor, leaving two official applicants, being the Isles and NYCFC who, when handing in their proposal, kindddd offfff forgot to factor in parking.

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No seriously, NYCFC wanted to build a 26,000 seat stadium with 1500 parking spots.

So as worried as we’ve all been about the decision and what it would mean for this team going forward, it seems like this was kind of in the bag from the get go, and now we finally have some clarity as to where they will be playing in the future. Right here on good ol’ Lawnguyland.

All we need now is for Dizzy’s and Coliseum Deli to get back in biz; maybe get papa Borelli and the owners of the weird half-gun/half-liquor store across from the Coliseum to move a few miles west and boom, its like the team never left.

This is a tremendously fine day for any and all Islander fans. We get our own arena, we get the hell out of Brooklyn, and we [hopefully] get our captain’s signature on the dotted line in the coming weeks. Oh and not to mention we still have one of the best offenses in the league right now, can’t forget about that.

Praise be to the yet to be announced John Tavares Memorial Arena in Elmont, praise be to Ledecky and Malking for doing in two years what Wang couldn’t do in a decade, and praise be to all Isles fans alike. They’re coming home.