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I Love Damian Lillard Getting In This Heckler's Face After He Started Mouthing Off To Dame





Talk that shit Dame! Talk that shit! Everyone is the toughest dude in the world when they are in the stands or behind a fence. But when a 6’3″ athletic specimen is in front of your face, you disappear behind a phone and shrink like Mario does after he takes a Koopa Troopa shell to the dick. The Malice In The Palace did two good things. One, it ruined the Pacers for years, which as a Knicks fan I loved. And two, it let fans know that there is always a chance that you could be beaten into a fine paste by an NBA player. Granted, Damian Lillard will neverrrrrrrrrr be confused for Ron Artest or Stephen Jackson. But anytime an NBA player is talking shit to you from point blank range, just remember that you don’t want to become the next Pistons Fan Turtle if you try to make things physical.


One of the most underrated things about athletes is how they are able to turn off their feelings when they are wearing a jersey and on the field of play as thousands of people yell fucked up shit at them night after night. But once that uniform comes off and everyone leaves the arena, it’s back to reality. And I’m sure athletes and celebrities hear all kinds of awful shit in public. But the amount of people that have the balls to talk shit in real life goes down reeeeeal quick. And in the end, those people are just old fashioned assholes.

It’s almost like on the internet how everyone loves chirping at people, but once they meet their target in real life, they act like it’s all good. Fuuuuuuck that. If you talk shit to Dame Lillard, you should expect him to react like any stranger on the street would if you insulted them. You don’t know if he is just going to yell at you or throw hands. But once you start talking, you should be ready for it to escalate. And if you troll people on the internet and they find you in real life, they should be allowed to give you the Jay and Silent Bob treatment.

TL;DR- “Talk slick, you get your neck slit quick.” Biggie said that, so you know it’s true. Or if you are more of a modern rap guy, “Don’t start no shit, it won’t be no shit”- Lil Jon

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