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7 Years Ago Today The Eagles Completed One Of The Greatest Comebacks In Sports History

What a magical, memorable day. Nevermind the facts the then 10-4 Eagles dropped the final two games of the regular season (Joe Webb on a Tuesday, anyone?), fell in the first round of the playoffs to the eventual SB Champs in the Packers, and the Giants won the Super Bowl the very next year. Miracle At The Meadowlands #2 will forever be etched in Birds history. Michael Vick was UNSTOPPABLE in the 4th quarter. All he had to do is channel his ’04 Madden or Ron Mexico years and it was game over. And, of course, Merrill Reese makes everything that much better. Get that man to call the play by play of my life and all of a sudden it may be worth living.

Alas, 7 years have passed. It’s also been 9 years since the Eagles won a play off game. Time for that to change. I…I believe…I believe in #BigDickNick.