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This British Guy Couldn't Figure Out How to Work His Sky TV and Proceeded To Lose His Goddamn Mind, Probably Murder His Family

First off, hearing British people scream with that accent is flat-out hilarious. Secondly, this guy embodies every single one of us when it comes to trying to make technology work. The dude literally tried to fight the TV box. Just flat out fight an inanimate object because nothing worked. I had a similar bout this past weekend trying to get someone’s TV work so I could watch the Knicks game. Guests of a little party were showing up later in the night so it was just a few of us and we wanted to watch Melo’s return to MSG. Nope. This person still had Dish Network which I quite frankly didn’t know existed anymore. She hadn’t hooked up her TV yet (something that is just illogical to me) and asked a few of us to figure it out. We ended up playing the game “Catch Phrase” because the TV wouldn’t work. This British man seemed a little more infuriated than I was.

“Fuckin X Box more like cunt box” is such an unreal line. If I lived in an all female house and all they did was laugh like hyenas when I struggled at something I would probably try to fight a TV also for not working. This man needs television in his life to save him from blowing his brains out and he can’t even have that. Fucking Sky TV.

“Look it says Sky right, the cunt wants to live in the sky mate. Because when I pick him up and fuck him off up the road mate, he’ll be up in the sky”

One of the ladies has the nerve to tell him to hurry up so she can eat her fish and chips. He responds :

“Yeah, I’ll hurry up alright. I’ll hurry up out of here and I wont fucking bother with it. “

I feel for this man, and I hope to God he got his TV to work otherwise there may have been a double murder-suicide for which you’ll see in a Francis blog soon enough.