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Gronk And Amendola Surprise A Texas Tech Walk-On With A Scholarship

These never get old but it’s fun to see an unusual twist on the “walk-on gets a scholarship” awarding. If only wedding and prom proposals made locker rooms full of your enormously-jacked friends jump around and chant your name, I’m sure we’d enjoy those a lot more, too. There are very few people on earth whom I’d rather tell me great news than Gronk. He’s so excited and invested on your behalf. He believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. Amendola took care of the serious, heartfelt stuff and teed Gronk up to deliver the hype. The only guy in the league still saying, “Wassup!” Congratulations to Justus Parker who, judging from that interception, clearly deserves a scholarship.

When it comes to the surprise scholarship announcements, add gimmicks, bring in celebrities, and dress it up any way you can. These are some of the best moments in sports these days.