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Mics Perfectly Picked Up Cam Newton And Clay Matthews Yelling Back And Forth At The Line Of Scrimmage

I meant to blog this earlier, so my bad on that. But I couldn’t finish the day without it getting up on because I’m eventually going to want to allude to it and I will be happy old Nate took the time to put it up on the site so future Nate can quickly reference it. It’s always good to be able to have that to fall back on, instead of searching through Twitter for a Tweet, having it right there in a blog is so much easier. Sure our search function isn’t great, but it’s better than nothing and apparently we are always trying to improve the site to make it more user friendly, so that’s good too.

But anyway, I really did love Clay Matthews yelling out the play, and Cam laughing in his face. I wonder why Clay would yell out “It’s that wheel route” instead of having some sort of code, because why would Cam continue with the wheel route if he knew the defense knew? Clay has to be more desecrate than that. But then, it wasn’t a wheel route at all! What a twist! Cam was cocky as hell about it too, smiling right in his face with a “watch this” before throwing a TD. The only thing that would have made it better is if McCaffrey ran the wheel route and scored a TD that way. Like if Cam agreed with Clay Matthews, didn’t audible, and they still scored the TD. The slant was cool, but throwing the wheel right in his face would have been all time.