Depressed Panda In China Gets A TV And Swing Set So That It Won't Be Depressed Anymore



The staff at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Kunming city installed a television to entertain a lonely panda that was tired and depressed. The panda’s companion was returned to her native Sichuan on March 31, making Sijia the only panda in the whole of Kunming city.



What the hell. This fucking panda has a better life than all of us. Look at him. He’s just sitting there snacking and watching TV, not a care in the world.



I mean I know we post a lot of animal videos and cute pictures and all that but this one is different. I legitimately hate this Panda. Oh you’re sad? You’re depressed because your panda life is so fucking hard and you have no friends? Boo hoo panda. Pussification of China right there. Pandas with no friends should be laughed at for being losers not given TV’s, Swing Sets and treated like royalty. Fuck this panda right in his stupid halfmoon cake face.




Not to mention, this Panda watches the worst shows ever.