Davante Adams Rips Thomas Davis After Yesterday's Brutal Cheap Shot, Skins Linebacker Comes Out and Says "Don't Play, I'm Always Headhunting"

In case you missed it yesterday, after Aaron Rodgers threw one of his three interceptions, receiver Davante Adams got ready to make a tackle on the defender. As he did so, Thomas Davis threw a vicious blind side block, directly on Adams’ skull.

This comes a few months after Adams almost died on the field against the Bears. There was a real moment during that game where I thought he’d never play again.

So you obviously feel for Adams and his frustration cause this is just ridiculous for someone to go through twice in one season. Dude has become one of the best young receivers in the game and to have to go through this shit again just sucks. Both hits extremely unnecessary 100% and I’m not on here asking for Thomas Davis to be suspended for the rest of time because I don’t believe he meant to hit Adams in the head. He responded to one of the tweets apologizing.

But then just now Redskins linebacker Zach Brown comes out of nowhere being all tough saying don’t play football if you can’t take a hit.

Okay Zach Brown Mr. Old School Football. No shit the game is all about getting hit, but how about getting two cheap shots like Adams has gotten this year. Two cheapshots that could’ve ended his career. And you’re gonna come out and say you’re always headhunting? With all the CTE shit going around you come out and say you’re trying to hit a guy in the head all the time? Maybe not the brightest thing ever said? Obviously the NFL is a dangerous game and big hits happen all the time, but you can certainly have prevented both of those kind of hits on Adams without question. If Adams got hit going across the middle on a slant like that’s just part of the game that isn’t avoidable with split second decisions needed to use your shoulder or head when making a play on the ball. But those two plays were completely avoidable and that sucks for Davante Adams to have go through this shit again. Sorry we’re all not as tough as Zach Brown is.