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Kobe Bryant Is Having His Number Retired Tonight: Let's Waste Some Time With Highlights

Kobe Bryant is having his number retired by the Lakers tonight. That’s a big accomplishment, I guess. For years, Kobe was the best player in the league or the 2nd best player in the league. His resume is passed by Lebron James now so he’s not going to be remembered as the greatest of any generation. Shaq was better. Lebron was better. And then there’s Kobe.

Kobe will be remembered as the asshole. He was the most competitive dude in the league and was generally disliked by damn near everybody. When he fully embraced that role, I loved it.

I was never a Laker fan but I loved watching the post-game interviews with him acting like a straight up dick. When the Celtics/Lakers rivalry came back, it was good for the game.

When he scored 81, it was iconic.

And his last game was fitting with 60.

Cheers, Mamba.