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Vince Carter Got an Awesome Standing Ovation from the Raptors Crowd in Probably His Last Game in Toronto Ever Last Night

Last night Vince Carter played, most likely, his final game in Toronto. Vince signed a one year deal with the Kings this past offseason and has said this is probably it for his career. It kinda stinks Vince isn’t doing one last swan song with the Raptors to wrap up his playing days, but it was very cool he got a proper send off last night. Vince Carter on the Raptors was as close to must watch television as it came. As a New Jersey native, it was unreal seeing this guy played in East Rutherford from ’04-’09. The dude was a walking highlight reel as he assaulted the rim on a regular basis. Before we had guys like LeBron, Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Giannis, even Zach Lavine, there was Vince Carter and there will never be anyone like him again. The best dunker to ever step on a court hands down, no questions asked.

There may not be a better in-game dunk than his USA poster against France. I assume that guy quit basketball soon after.