A Bunch Of Kids Ate Ghost Peppers Then Sang Christmas Songs For Reasons Unknown

You know what? I take back what I said in the title of this blog. It’s not for reasons unknown. This is just part of being alive. Maybe I have this new outlook on life since the John Skipper news just broke and Barstool Sports HQ is BUZZING. That could definitely be it but whatever. I was prepared to make fun of these kids for doing something so stupid but not anymore. My friend Bob Fox has a tattoo that says “Why Not?” and that’s exactly how those kids are living. Why not eat ghost peppers and sing Christmas songs? I would never do it cause I’m pretty sure I’d have a heart attack if I did but nothing but respect to those kids.

How about the kids who weren’t even phased? They just stood there, sang a beautiful song and didn’t look like they just consumed the hottest pepper in the world. Those kids are going places. Those kids are gonna crush it in high school and college. They’re gonna be the ones who step up when any drunken challenge gets thrown down. They’re gonna have so many hot wing challenge t-shirts in their collection. So many.