Woman Holds Up "I've Beat Cancer Twice" Sign At Jay Z Concert - Jay Brings Her Up On Stage

First of all, awesome moment.  Made this woman’s life.  Beating cancer not once, but twice and celebrating it with a big old hug from Jay Z at a concert in front of hundreds of thousands of screaming fans.

Second of all – Jay on that FULL PR swing lately.

Just a few weeks ago he stopped his show to give an inspirational speech to a 9 year old girl about sexism in America and how she can do anything she puts her mind to.

You don’t get to be the #1 power couple on the planet without knowing how to work the narrative like this folks.  Heartfelt apology for cheating on your wife in a major publication then start making big time, big hearted moves at your concerts.  Little girls and cancer survivors.  Done to perfection.

Kings do king things.