This Video Of Bartolo Colon Feeding A Bunch Of Pigeons Will Brighten Up Your Day

I imagine a lot of us could use a pick-me-up today. Maybe your NFL team ripped your guts out. Maybe you were bounced from the fantasy playoffs. Or maybe your Christmas credit card bill just rolled. Regardless, if you have a pulse, that video should bring a smile to your face. This time of year, the sick fucks that feed those rats with wings are associated with that old bird lady kook from Home Alone 2. But now Big Sexy is out here giving the best PR imaginable to those two groups that live on the bottom of their respective caste systems. I don’t know one word that is said in this video, but I do know that there is a beautiful man feeding birds and it brought a smile to my face. For years Santa Claus was the
jolly fat man that spread joy in December. Well in 2017, Bartolo Colon let it be known he is coming for that big red throne one toss of seed at a time. Bartolo Colon is about to become the Jake Paul of Facebook Live and I cannot wait for it to happen.

So happy Monday everyone! Lets get this first day of the last full work week of 2017 out of the way ASAP.

h/t Joey