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Cam Newton Called His Shot

Calling your shot is absolutely the cockiest thing you can do in any sport. Like Larry Bird telling Xavier McDaniel exactly where and how he’s going to hit the game-winning shot, Babe Ruth pointing over the wall before a home run, Curt Schilling telling batters exactly what pitch he’s about to throw. When it works it becomes instant legend, and that’s what Cam accomplished today.

“Oh hey, what’s up Clay Matthews. Long time no see. Listen, word on the street is you guys have been watching film on us? That’s cool, I suppose. It clearly hasn’t worked out too well since Christian McCaffrey has basically walked down the field unscathed on this opening possession, and yanno what? I’m gonna throw it to him again. Like, right now. Oh hey whattya know, a touchdown. Welp… see ya later!”