Today's The Day Someone Goes Too Far In Buffalo

This is just the first #BillsMafia video of the day and already it’s gone entirely too far. This is it. This is the week someone wakes up dead. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the jumps escalate from tables to grills, now it’s a combo of the two. Combine that with a division opponent in town, snow on the ground, last home game of the season, and playoff hopes still very much alive? It’s a diabolical mixture that already has guys not just trying to jump through tables lit on fire, but then laying motionless on the ground allowing the flames to grow to the point where they engulf entire Willis McGahee jerseys. This is going to end as well as a Nathan Peterman pass attempt. #BillsMafia is one of the last pure joys the internet has anymore, we cannot have this taken away from us. Not today, not ever. So please, Buffalo, please don’t die today.