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The Rough N Rowdy Good News: We Sold 34K Pay Per Views Last Night And It Was An Electic Factory of Electricness. The Bad News: We Had Massive Tech Failure and Should Have Sold 60K Pay Per Views

So Rough N Rowdy 1 is in the books. It was a great night all the way around with the exception of 1 GLARING fact. The fights were great, Hank vs. Tex was great, blah blah blah. Our technology per usual let us down. How bad did it suck? Well let me tell you a story. Our Pay Per View service crashed because it couldn’t handle the traffic around 7pm. Hmm did we warn everybody beforehand that we’d have a massive spike when the telecast started ? Yes. Did I beg for backup? Yes. Did it matter? No. You literally couldn’t buy the fight from 7pm-9:30. Only the biggest window that people buy Pay Per View fights. Based on the numbers that were coming right before system failure we would have ended with approx. 60K buys. That’s’ how fast people were buying. No biggie. Only left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table and had everybody complaining up our assholes.

Also another by product of our tech failure was that a group of people got to watch the entire telecast for free. I HATE FREE!!!!!! If these people had any souls they’d venmo me 15 bucks right this second. Here is what happened in a nutshell. The plan was always to offer a free preview of the first fight and then turn on the Pay Per View after it ended. But once the Pay Per View crashed that option was no longer available. We could either delay the entire show and have a riot or just let the free stream continue because that had nothing to do with the Pay Per View service provider. We obviously decided to leave the free stream running until we were positive the Pay Per View was fixed which happened around 9:30. From that point on anybody who tried to watch the fight had to buy it. But for people who tuned in at the very beginning for the free preview and never refreshed their stream they got to stay for free the entire time. So there was a large group of people who basically robbed me blind. I feel like Don King would go door to door with a baseball bat collecting 15 bucks a pop from each person who got the fight for free but I can’t in today’s PC bullshit culture. I guess it’s true what they say. It’s not all gumdrops and rainbows in the fight game.

Regardless the night was still a huge success. It just should have been an eye popping success if our tech didn’t let us down. Either way thanks to everybody who bought and watched. Hopefully we delivered on our promise of a wildly entertaining night and you will be back for the Valentine’s Massacre in Morgantown Feb 16th. Yeah we cost ourselves a shit ton of money but the proof of concept worked and I’ve never been more confident we’re onto something huge.