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In Honor Of Oregon Playing Boise State: The LeGarrette Blount Knockout

It’s very rare you find a guy who truly doesn’t give a fuck. A lot of players get labeled as fake-tough guys for their actions or they’re considered just dirty players because of what they do after the whistle or outside the rules. I’ve yet to hear a person say LeGarrette Blount is anything but about that life and it all started with this moment.

Oregon got held to just 8 points, which feels ridiculous until you remember Blount took eight carries for a smooth negative five yards, certainly enough to make anyone agitated. Especially when that same person spent the summer saying he “owed Boise State an ass-whoopin'” after a physical game between the two teams took place the previous year. Well, LeGarrette Blount is many things, but he certainly is no liar. And if he wasn’t going to take care of business on the field, he was going to start swinging. On anyone and everyone.

I’ve seen this called a sucker punch by some and that’s something I’ll never quite understand. Bryon Hout grabbed Blount and was talking shit directly in his face. A move I absolutely respect and have zero problem with. You just held this dude to negative five yards, talk all the shit in the world. Just don’t be shocked when the tiger goes tiger. Blount dropped him with a straight right, not even a fully cocked straight right, hit him on the button and Hout got dropped like a sack of potatoes. Then Blount fought his teammates before fighting all of Boise State’s fans and on field security guards. Just a tremendous tour de force of brute strength that Blount has carried with him into the pros. An eight year career that nearly didn’t happen because of this one moment. Long live the two time Super Bowl Champion, one time NFL rushing TD leader, one time suspended for fish bowling a car with LeVeon Bell legend, LeGarrette Blount.